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The SLP Powder Pro Ski provides the ultimate in loose snow performance for maximum floatation and precise steering control. The effect in deep powder or loose snow conditions is remarkable. Steering ability is substantially increased. The improvement in floatation results in more front end lift which reduces drag on front end components such as the belly pan, bulk head, front suspension, etc. This increases the sleds ability to maneuver in deep snow even at slow speeds. The popularity and reputation of the Powder Pro Ski since its release has been outstanding. With the aid of the Powder Pro ski you will be able to climb higher, turn sharper, and comfortably put your snowmobile in places that you only dreamed possible before! The Powder Pro ski features industry exclusive Compaction Control Technology (CCT) provided by Powder Control Wings which direct snow under the ski and compacts it for maximum lift. When used in powder snow conditions, the tails of other skis on the market today drop into the snow rather than staying parallel with it. This creates a plowing effect which reduces speed, floatation and handling. These Powder Control Wings eliminate this plowing effect by maintaining proper ski attitude (keeping skis parallel to the snow) in deep powder snow. Also, due to front suspension camber one side of the ski will lift (approximately 8º) in a turn. The Powder Control Wing compacts the snow under it rather than allowing it to wash over the top. This dramatically increases the Powder Pro ski’s ability to turn in loose snow. The added floatation and increased steering control compliment the use of long tracks found on most late model mountain snowmobiles. These skis reduce the tendency of front end “Nose Diving” commonly experienced on these models during deceleration in deep powder snow. Control while sidehilling is greatly increased due to the additional steering control. These skis also help eliminate the tendency that long, aggressive tracks have to push through the corners.. Recommended for mountain/powder use, these skis work amazingly well in snowcross type conditions. When used on short track models in loose snow, they provide aggressive steering ability with minimal arm effort. This is possible because the multi-level keels do not increase ski pressure, but utilize sidewall surface area and their Powder Control Wings to compact and carve through snow in a turn. Sold in pairs. Mounts sold separately.

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Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 12 × 8 in
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